One of the joys of summer is to have bees, in particular bumble bees buzzing around the garden.

However in the last 50 years bumble bee populations have dropped by 80%

Borders gardener - Floors Castle Plant Centre - Bumble Bee 3

This decline has been put down to many factors from Neonicotinoids (insecticides) through to habitat loss, and modern the lack of a wide variety of pollen which is thought to be essential for bee health.

Gardeners can help bees by planting pollen and nectar rich plants.

However as many bee keepers know, bees can sometimes just run out of energy, and die from a lack of sugars. Bee keepers will even feed bees on sugar water to overcome this.

Bearing this in mind we were delighted to stumble across a new gardening product the other day. The Bee Station. This is a ceramic ball, which can contain sugar water, or be filled with nesting material for Bumble Bees.

Bee Station 1

Placed amongst flowers, it looks attractive and is a haven for bees.

What do you think?

Bee Station 4




With a large hole at the front for bumble bee access and three small ventilation holes at the rear, this is the ideal home for any self respecting bee.

Bee Station 3

You could even say they will make a bee line for it, but that would bee a little obvious, what was that beehave,oh, all right then….