Whilst there is a distinct autumnal feel to the weather at the moment, there are still a lot of jobs to be enjoyed in the garden.

1 I am trying sowing hardy annuals, as this can result in bigger and better flowers next summer.

2. As the weather cools, I am lifting and dividing cottage garden plants.
3. I am also potting up prepared hyacinth and amaryllis for Christmas flowering.
4. This is the time of the year when I enjoy potting up favourite herbs to grow on the kitchen windowsill over winter.
5. Strawberry runners can be planted out or potted for a great crop next year
6. I will be applying grease bands to my fruit trees to protect them from winter moth (the wingless female moths get stuck in the grease trying to climb up the trees. In the olden days they used an old cloth smeared with lard, but grease is a lot more effective!
7. Remove shading from greenhouses, and give them a good wash down to make sure as few pests as possible will be making their homes amongst your plants over winter…